Monkey money

earth-medit-icon In the mist of the collapse of the world economy, it is safe to prepare for alternative

we are a group of people we believe we can use any currency to "measure" value, in face a money system is simply a language we use for us to exchange value...

monkey So here in our economical zone we accept the following mon(k)ey money :

and for convenience we have the "universal unit (SI).

If you want to know the exchange rate between these currencies, please check our exchange platform.

Caution, exchange rate depends of the location you are in... indeed we peg the universal coin to a cost of living index such that the price of goods are very stable and don't change over time.

So the price of a bowl of rice in the poor country or in a rich country is always the same, even though its value reflect the local economy, same goes we the price of housing !

this is our way to solve the global poverty, and it works !

(the reason behind is that one hour worth of human labor is valued the same everywhere, and that is what is used in the computation of our indexes).

#BCO oh, BTW, if you want to support organic bananas, there is a true "banana coin" you can purchase (titcker: BCO).